Preparing Your Abstract

Along with your 3-minute concept video, you will need to submit a one-page abstract. The one-page abstract should summarize the core ideas and building blocks of your concept to provide a very high-level overview. These abstracts will be paired with your video submission to viewed by the judges when determining the 4 finalists.

Download the Abstract Form

Abstract questions include:

  • In a few words, describe the general idea of your concept (game/social media/signs/book, etc.)
  • In a brief paragraph, describe your concept and how it will change the public’s perception of mining.
  • In a few words, describe your intended audience.
  • Please show a general breakdown and total projected cost of your project, if it were to be noticed or sponsored.
  • How far reaching do you envision your concept, that is, how many people and at what age ranges do you think your concept will reach?
  • Briefly please include any additional information you would like judges to know about your concept.

When submitting your documentation online for your concept, please make sure to include the abstract form with your submission. Videos will not be posted without the completion of the abstract.

Download the Abstract Form

Filming Best Practices

So you’re thinking, “We don’t have professional video equipment, how can we create a professional looking video?” Well don’t worry, there are some amazing resources on how to your use iPhone or Android to film professional looking pitch videos.

Shooting Video with an iPhone, by Wistia

5 tips for shooting videos on Android, by AndroidCentral

The best free video editing software of 2017, by TechAdvisor

What is People’s Choice?

You have the opportunity to change the game! Share Move Mining with friends and family to have them vote for your video. The more times you share, the more the votes and the greater the chance you have for winning the People’s Choice spot in the top five finalist teams.

Looking for ways to share your video?

  1. Use your social media networks. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be valuable resources when trying to share your video with as many of your friends as possible. With a quick link to Move Mining, you can have your video in front of hundreds of people in an instant.
  2. Get your school or company to be your advocate. We know that you are doing amazing things and we’re pretty sure your school or employer knows that too! Use their marketing channels to help promote your video throughout the student body or among your colleagues.
  3. Talk it up! The best way is word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to make connections and ask them for their support. Use your conferences and networking functions as a subtle way to share your video and to help promote your video throughout your network.

This year, your friends can help you make the top five finalist teams and present your concept at the SME Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, CO.