Writing Your 4 Page Concept Paper

Brainstorm. Create. Submit.

A guideline for developing and submitting your concept paper.

Are you ready to get started on your concept paper? We have put together a simple template to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. Let’s get started.


Concept Paper Styling Guidelines

  • Please submit your final concept paper as a Word Document (.doc, .docx) or a PDF.
  • Concept papers must not exceed 4 pages.
  • Use a one-column format and common fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. It is best to use 10 or 11 pt type with 1-inch margins.
  • Lists can highlight important items, draw attention to main points, or list information so readers can find it easily. Each list must consist of at least two items. Items that are subordinate to the list material can be set off with a dash. Such lists should be parallel in construction.
  • Begin each item in a bulleted list with a capital letter. End punctuation is omitted (unless the item is a complete sentence).
  • Use only one space between sentences and after colons (not the two spaces we learned in typing class).
  • Use capitalization and italics judiciously. It is not always necessary to capitalize or italicize for emphasis or for the name of company departments, pieces of equipment, titles, offices, acronyms, or terminology.
  • In general, most compound words with prefixes such as non, ex, re, pre, are not hyphenated. But use the hyphen when the second word is a proper noun (e.g., post-Vietnam).
  • Always place periods and commas within quotation marks. Place colons and semicolons outside quotation marks.
  • In a series consisting of three or more elements, separate each element with a comma (often called the “series comma”). If commas are used within an element, use semicolons.
  • Include charts, graphs and images to help convey your concept or idea.


Citing your Sources

If references are cited in the text, they must be included in a reference list at the end of the paper.

  • Planet Wheat—Kansas Wheat Commission. 2002a.
    A short history of bread.
    (website example)
  • Malteesh, C., Somasundaran, P., and Gruber, G.A. 1996.
    Fundamentals of oleic acid adsorption on phosphate
    flotation feed during anionic conditioning. Min. Metall.
    Process. 13(1):156–158. (journal or periodical example)
  • Mayes, B.H., and Fripp, B.T. 1991. Zeolite Minerals in Utah.
    Open-File Report 210. Salt Lake City: Utah Geological
    Survey. (report example)

Need help getting started?

We’ve created a simple Concept Paper Template to help you organize your thoughts and outline your concept or idea. If you get stuck or need additional help, please contact the Move Mining Competition at movemining@smenet.org.

Don’t let the thought of a video submission intimidate you!

Perhaps you are shy about being in front of a camera or your not sure where to start with the logistics of lighting, sound and script?

Don’t worry! You can create a video using easy-to-use tools to help convey your concept!
Try these helpful resources to get started today:

  • PowerPoint – Create a PowerPoint show and narrate your idea and concept
  • Prezi – Bing a little pizzazz and excitement using Prezi for a more dynamic presentation
  • NutShell – Just snap 3 photos, add some fun cartoons and captions, and let Nutshell turn it all into a cool, shareable mini-movie that tells your story in seconds
  • iMovie – With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you enjoy your videos and tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater. And with the iMovie extension, it’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable — right in the Photos app
  • VidLab – VidLab is a multi-track, multi-clip video editor that allows you to easily create beautiful, fun videos & photo stories by adding text, artwork, music, video, sound effects, overlays, voice-overs & more to your videos (and photos)!
  • Magisto – Choose your movie editor style and let Magisto apply automatic video stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, video effects, and smooth transitions to turn your photos and videos into beautiful memories. From time to time Magisto movie maker will SURPRISE you with beautiful video clips created from your photos and videos.
  • StopMotionStudio – Want to create movies like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube? Then this is the app you’ve got to add to your collection. Create beautiful stop motion animated movies anywhere instantly on your device. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No computer needed. It’s simple to use, deceptively powerful and insanely fun to play with. Create fantastic movies your friends will enjoy or share it with the world on YouTube, Facebook and other sites. Cool themes, titles and sound effects are easy to add, too
  • GoAnimate – try using a cartoon software to create and make your own video. Record your voice as a character to add sound and narration
  • FilmoraGo – A pretty powerful video editor application, which will not stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. With FilmoraGo, making video with music and effects, FilmoraGo helps you make funny videos and relive your memories anywhere. And your amazing video could be easily shared to your friends on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsAPP .ect
  • VivaVideo – With VivaVideo, you can easily create professional-looking video stories within a few taps. Choose from hundreds of user-friendly special effects that range from stickers and filters to animated clips and subtitles to transform everyday moments into works of art. Share within your network and let the world discover you.
  • Simple Interview Style – have one of your team members interview you and ask all the right questions to help share your concept

There are many simple and easy ways to create a short video about your concept and we want to hear your idea about how we can change the public’s perception of mining.

You can use your phone or tablet, a web cam, or a camera to start your filming. Don’t forget to submit the one page abstract to share a few more details about your concept.

Submit your video online by December 1, 2017 for a chance to be chosen as one of the top 5 finalist teams to present your concept at the SME Annual Conference & Expo on February 26, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.

Don’t miss this opportunity for a chance to win $5,000. It’s worth it to put your concept out there, no matter what format of video you choose!

Have questions about the video format or looking for more ideas? Contact a Move Mining team member today and we would be happy to help you kick start your video submission!

Submitting Your Video and Abstract Online

Are you ready to start sharing your concept video with the world?

Here are a few pointers to take into consideration when submitting your video and abstract online.

  1. To start the process, click on Resources to download the abstract form, you’ll need this form completed in order to submit
  2. Next, click on Submit Video to begin the video upload process
  3. Enter all of the important information including your team name, your team lead’s information, and your SME membership information (if you’re part of a section, chapter or division – we want to know!)
  4. Add all of your team members to the upload so we have their names and contact information
  5. Upload Your Video
    1. Start by Dragging and Dropping your video into the grey box or by selecting Select Files in green text
    2. After you have selected your file, click on START UPLOADING FILES to complete your upload
    3. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the message says UPLOAD COMPLETE to finish the form
  6. Upload Your Abstract
    1. Start by Dragging and Dropping your abstract form into the grey box or by selecting Select Files in green text
    2. After you have selected your file, click on START UPLOADING FILES to complete your upload
    3. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the message says UPLOAD COMPLETE to finish the form
  7. Don’t forget to check YES to acknowledge the Rules and Regulations and the use of your video online
  8. Last but not least, tell us how you heard about Move Mining!
  9. Submit the form and get ready, your video will be online soon!

Make a 3-Minute Video

Now that you have your concept, it’s time to develop your 3 minute or less pitch video. We’ve got some tips and tricks for you that may come in handy as you and your team begin filming.

  1. Keep it short and sweet. We want to know about your concept in 3 minutes or less. Remember, your video needs to keep the attention of your audience while conveying your concept.
  2. The opening shot of your video is your first impression to the world, make sure to simply relay your idea as well as your one-line benefit statement. Your one-line benefit statement summarizes the biggest benefit of your idea in a short phrase or sentence.
  3. Video organization is critical, especially when deciding what to focus on. Make sure your video “identifies the problem”, but don’t linger. Most of your video should be about how your concept or idea is a satisfying solution to spreading the positive message and changing the perception of mining.
  4. Staging could make all the difference. Creativity is a plus and not only will it help to showcase your team’s talents, but it could also add to the impact your video has. Make sure to film your video in a well lit environment where the audio is clear.
  5. Don’t spend too much time on introductions. Keep your team intro short and move quickly to the concept. Since your video time is valuable, you will want every second to showcase your concept and idea.
  6. Test run. Want to know if your on target with your video and messaging? Hold a private screening of your new pitch video to see how well it’s received by your friends and family (they are, after all, a sampling of your target audience!) Watch their reactions. Do they seem excited? Are they confused? Did they understand your concept right away? Ask questions and get their feedback.

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